What causes a heater to have problems?

What causes a heater to have problems?

Changing out a furnace filter in Aurora, IL

Changing out a furnace filter in Aurora, IL

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Furnace repair can seem like an intimidating feat, and issues with one’s heater can be frustrating when the solution is indiscernible. At Monty’s we won’t just help you resolve the issue, we’ll help you understand why the issue occurred in the first place.

Common Problems with Furnaces

There are literally hundreds of reasons that a furnace may be malfunctioning, but some are much more common than others. Home and commercial owners will usually be alerted to an issue when one or more of the following things starts to happen:

  • Furnace is not heating properly
  • Furnace is not heating at all
  • Energy bills are abnormally high
  • Furnace comes on then shuts off
  • Furnace making funny sounding noises

What causes these issues?


Group of units on a rooftop

Group of units on a rooftop

Thermostats can be at the root of several heating issues that range from simple to complex. Countless times, residents will notice that their furnace is not heating properly (or at all), only to discover that the thermostat wasn’t set properly in the first place. In these cases, customers should be sure to check that the thermostat is at a temperature that is above the temperature of the room, that the settings are on “heat” and that the fan is set to “auto”.

In more complex situations, the thermostat my actually be malfunctioning and in need of repair or replacement. At Monty’s Heating and Cooling, our professional, friendly technicians can take the anxiety out of this process by providing top-quality repairs and installations to keep your thermostat functioning and your home warm.

Dirty Filter

No matter how clean you keep your home, it is inevitable that your furnace will become clogged. Whether from dust, pet hair or a plethora of other types of common debris, furnace filters typically need to be changed every one to three months. At Monty’s Heating and Cooling we can help you with this process quickly, professionally and at your best convenience.

Natural Wear and Tear

The inner workings of a furnace involves an intricate network of mechanical parts which ensure that every interrelated aspect of this machinery is working at top-speed and quality. Due to the complexity and high energy output throughout the winter months, it is natural for malfunctions to occur. Unfortunately, these malfunctions can come unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient of times. For that reason, it is important to schedule a clean and check for your furnace to ensure you aren’t left with a broken heater during the coldest months. At Monty’s Heating and Cooling, our friendly, licensed professionals will thoroughly clean and check your furnace to ensure all systems are working properly, and will take the appropriate measures to fix any problems they may find. You have our word on it.

Issues with Pilot Light or Control Ignition

A faulty pilot light or control ignition can cause the frustrating issue of intermittent heat, where at times your furnace seems to be heating properly while at others little or no heat is being dispensed. This could be due to thermostat issues, dirty gas tube or draft.

Aged Unit

Some units will simply age past their expiration date. When this happens, it may be time for a replacement. At Monty’s Heating and Cooling, we understand that your time and money are valuable. That’s why our friendly, licensed professionals will be prompt in delivering and installing the highest quality furnaces on the market today without draining your bank account. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, the added expenses its malfunctioning will cause your energy bills will actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

Monty’s Heating and Cooling wants you to have the best, which is why we install the spectacular Trane and Carrier units. What makes these units so special? Learn more on our New Furnace Installation page.

DIY Steps to Take with your Furnace

At Monty’s Heating and Cooling, we don’t only offer a wealth of experience in the HVAC field–we’re passionate about what we do. We love sharing our knowledge with customers, which is why we want to offer some DIY tips to help you understand more about your system and avoid unnecessary calls or bills. Here are some simple yet effective ways you can avoid issues with your furnace:

  • Regularly check your thermostat and change the batteries: Most thermostats run off of battery power and you can easily slip off the thermostat on your wall to change these every year or as needed. Low battery power can cause your thermostat to malfunction or not work at all
  • Make sure the heat switch on your thermostat is set to “Heat” instead of “Cool”
  • Check the temperature displayed on your thermostat. Set the temperature up five degrees higher from where it was and see if this causes the furnace to start up
  • Make sure the time and date is being displayed directly on your thermostat. In cases like a power outage, settings may need to be altered
  • Check the wiring that trails from your thermostat to your furnace. Do you notice any breaks? If so, you can easily fix this with some electrical tape
  • When opening the thermostat, gently blow away any dust or debris and check to make sure that none of the wires have come loose
  • Check your furnace’s shutoff switchers and breakers: Is your furnace actually turned off? Don’t be embarrassed, it is extremely common for homeowners and commercial customers to become baffled by their “malfunctioning” furnaces only to realize that the cure was a simple flip to the switch
  • Change the filters: It is imperative to routinely check your filters. Are they dusty and dirty? This is bound to cause some problems. Refer to your owner’s manual to see the exact method of removing and changing your particular air filter and if you have misplaced your manual, instructions can be found on the model and company’s website
  • Is the gas on? Just like with heat switches, sometimes gas valves are turned off for a variety of reason and the person in question oft forgets to switch it back on
  • Clean, clean clean! When removing the ventilation chamber to actually look inside your furnace, check for leaves and debris that could be constricting airflow

Why Does Monty’s Offer DIY Tips?

Monty’s Heating and Cooling prides itself on being as honest as it is professional. If you don’t need our services, we don’t want to burden you with the extra cost. Some “big name” competitors may be fans of charging astronomical prices for the most basic of tasks, but we don’t think that’s right.

After over 30 years of great service, residents and commercial customers know to turn to Monty’s Heating and Cooling for the best furnace repair Illinois has to offer. Call us anytime at (630) 585-8502 to see what all the fuss is about.

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