Choosing the best brand for your new air conditioner

Choosing A Brand For Your new AC

Trane Air Conditioners

Local AC installation in Aurora, IL

Local AC installation in Aurora, IL

Trane has been a reputable name in the HVAC industry since its introduction in 1913. Trane offers units in a variety of sizes to meet customers’ needs. Most of the Trane air conditioners and furnaces are very energy efficient. The most energy efficient models hold a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating) of 20. The SEER rating reflects how well the system will heat or cool while also maintaining a lower power pull and thus a lower monthly energy bill.

The company has made a name for itself in energy efficiency by creating air conditioning units and furnaces that have the ability to cool or heat extremely large spaces without using a lot of energy. Once again, this means less cost on your monthly energy bills.

Along with their spectacular cooling and heating units, Trane has demonstrated its versatility in the HVAC industry by manufacturing replacement coils, programmable thermostats, and remote home automation systems.

Carrier Air Conditioners and Furnaces

Like Trane, Carrier has been a staple in the HVAC industry for over a century. Carrier was introduced a decade before Trane, in 1902
The company offers a variety of sizes for cooling and heating units rated up to 30,000 BTU (British Thermal Units).

AC repair services in Aurora, IL

AC repair services in Aurora, IL

The company can proudly boast that it has one of the most energy-efficient units on the market. The electric and electric-gas Carrier units have been awarded a SEER rating of 21, one of the highest ratings available. The company also provides a variety of heating and cooling heat pumps, geothermal floor systems, and air systems to provide comfort solutions for a single or multi-floor residence or building.

How Do They Really Compare?

Choosing between these two brands can be a difficult undertaking, being that they both offer an impressive resume of qualities, variety and energy efficiency. In terms of pricing, Carrier is generally a bit more expensive than Trane, but Carrier also offers a slightly higher SEER rating of 21 which can lead to a lower monthly energy bill than Trane, which holds a SEER rating of 20. Conversely, Carrier systems have the slight disadvantage of affecting both gas and electric bills, being that the units are not available in heating or cooling but a hybrid of both.

At Monty’s Heating and Cooling, we can promise that no matter what system you choose, it will be of top-notch quality. That being said, we understand that choosing a new a/c or furnace is a substantial undertaking that can be a great source of intimidation. Monty’s will take the time to identify your specific needs and preferences. Our friendly, licensed, and fully bonded professionals will help you choose an furnace or air conditioning unit that best suits the needs of your home or commercial residence, so you don’t have to stress over picking and choosing. Regardless of your final decision, we can promise you that it will be one that leaves you with 100% customer satisfaction; you have our word on it.

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