60 Day Warranty

60 Day Parts & Labor Warranty On All Repair Work

We back all of our work by an ironclad 60 day parts and labor warranty. If something goes wrong with a part that we install then we will come back out FOR FREE.

Past the 60 day mark, you may still be covered for PARTS only, but not labor. Most of the time, the maker of the part we install has a warranty of 1 year or longer. You will only have to pay for labor if this part goes bad outside of the 60 day mark.

Monty will guide you through the process of repairing your AC or furnace and he will keep you informed on the warranty.

We stand by our warranty 100%. There are not many other companies out there who will stand by their repair work like we will. Sometimes HVAC equipment can be difficult to troubleshoot. Monty is a skilled technician who has been working on furnaces and air conditioners for over 30 years.

If you are having any trouble with your equipment after the repairs are completed, we will come back out free of charge to see what is going on. We cannot guarantee that all of our repairs will work perfect every time, so we back that up with our warranty.

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